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The Superior, off road ATV!

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Used Japanese 4X4 Mini-Trucks

    The 3 cylinder fuel injected gas engine powers the 4-wheel drive vehicle with a 5-speed high and low transmission and are quiet running. Mini-Trucks run 40- to 45 miles to the gallon over all terrain. These Suzuki and Mitsubishi models are great for doing farm work, hunting, chores, landscaping  and numerous other tasks. All contain full interior instruments like heat, defrost, wipers, radio, seatbelts, and headlights. Select models have air conditioning. The 4’X 6’ rear beds have folding sides. It easily hauls wood, brush,lawn equipment, mulch and etc. The mini 4 X 4 trucks will take you up or down steep hills, through the mud, or on any sporting adventure. It easily hauls feed, wood, brush, fuel tanks, lawn equipment, mulch and etc. Mini trucks have been used in Japan as delivery vehicles and are perfect accessories to any farm operation.

- 660 fuel injected cc motors
- 45 HP, 3 cylinder, 660 cc motors
- Parts are available at NAPA, Auto Zone, etc.
- Major parts are available through us
-Any Mechanic shop can do the repairs

Accommodated with a triangular slow moving sign you can travel
on any gravel and/or secondary road.

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The SUPERIOR, off road ATV!